Fact-Finding Investigations

How it works

Firstly, the issue is referred to us for investigation from a neutral perspective.

Then, all concerned will be asked to download our secure, user-friendly Pre-Investigation App which can be done from any mobile device with an internet connection.

Please contact us to discuss alternative methods of communicating with us if preferred.

When we receive the Pre-Investigation replies, we are likely to ask for further information and, possibly, for any supporting documentation.

We will then investigate the issues by liaising with all concerned.

All our fact-finding investigation discussions are on the record. 

All personal data supplied to us is handled strictly in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

The outcome will be a Draft Fact-Finding Investigation Report which will be sent to participants at the earliest opportunity. This  draft (which will contain no findings or views by the neutral) is intended to assist all conerned  to decide their preferred resolution method.

If requested, our neutral will issue a Final Fact-Finding Investigation Report including findings and views.

Alternatively, and provided that all participants consent, our designated neutral can resolve the issues by mediating an agreed outcome.