Fact-Finding Discussions

The Facts

Our role here is to meet with all concerned to try and establish the material facts.  We will explain our remit and, of course, we stick to it with no need for 'fishing expeditions'.

No Judgments

It is not our role to judge people or to decide questions of wrongdoing or liability. 

On the Record

Fact-Finding Discussions necessarily have to be on the record. Notes are taken and sent to those attending as soon as possible afterwards.


Any employee participating in a Fact-Finding Discussion may be accompanied by any one companion of their choice provided that they are not personally involved in the matter concerned.

Fact-Finding Report

This will be prepared and issued to those concerned as soon as possible after the final discussion. It may be used in subsequent proceedings if required.

Next Steps

Our Fact-Finding Report may be used to help participants to decide whether to pursue the issues formally or, if they all consent, to refer the issues to mediation by us or others.